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Ontdek hoe verrassend veelzijdig en bruisend Leidsche Rijn is

Bike-, cycle-, walk-, discoverroutes in Leidsche Rijn

Bike-, cycle-, walk-, discoverroutes in Leidsche Rijn

As asked by many, we now have aswell our first page on Liefst Leidsche in English.
We found out that many expats and foreing visitors of Utrecht als would like to discover our beautiful relaxing outskirt of Utrecht West.
And you are more than welcoming to visit, explore, discover en enjoy our city quarter.

We have on our website plenty of bike/cycleroutes aswel as walkingtrails/path..
Some are well marked allong the road, others need a bit more of your own following skills, but above all know that Leidsche Rijn, Vleutem De Meern and Haarzuilens are still a part of Utrecht which is still in developing mood. Some things change fast, some change slowly.
But if you nee a bit of help, the poelpe who live here are more than willing to help you.
And if you have any tips, we always like to receive them.

Fo now we place the links on this page to our regular pages with information, to help you, and when we have something complete in English we will replace the link. Sorry for now, but hopefully ready helpfull.

From downtown Utrecht, you easly can come to Leidsche Rijn by train, bus, bike or even walking.
From the Domtower it is approximately 20 minutes by bike to reach/pass the “Gele Brug” (yellow bridge), the most used linking pin with Leidsche Rijn.
Here you find also the landmark the red Pathé CineMec cinema on the Berlijnplein in Leidsche Rijn Centrum, or the Bus/Trainstation on the same square.
Some enter Leidsche Rijn by bike via the Daphne Schippersbrug (bridge), which take also about 20 minutes biking without stops.

By train you can start from most trainstations in Utrecht, taking the sprinter to Den Haag (the Haque) and get of at Leidsche Rijn Centrum, Terwijde (for Máximapark), or Vleuten (for Haarzuilens). From Utrecht Centraal each station is about 3 minutes further, so a short trainride away.
Most busses for Leidsche Rijn, Vleuten, De Meern leave from main busstation Utrecht Jaarbeurs, but some start in other parts from Utrecht and mostly skipp this main busstation. So please check what is for you most conveniant and the trip will take you in about 15/30 minutes from and to from most startingpoints to your destination.
All bus/train information you will find on this page:

So what can you visit in Leidsche Rijn (incl Vleuten, De Meern, Haarzuilens)?
Ofcourse we have some things you should visit, but also may smaller but also wonderfull things to see or visit one of our events.
Our toppers are: Castellum & Museum Hoge Woerd, Máximapark, Vlinderhof, Landgoed Haarzuilens, Kasteel de Haar, Biking in the green suburb, architecture over many ages.
But also not to miss: Metaal Kathedraal, Bosspeeltuin, Beleefboerderij Geertjes hoeve, Village Haarzuilens, RAUM,

The best way to combine these places by bike or foot.
Here a link with differtent pages with routes in our area.

And if you need a stop for a drink or a bite, we have choise enough.
Check out this page for your best choise.

And for now enjoy your vistit and stay in Leidsche Rijn, feel yourself welcome.